Eemel – an entrepreneur’s best friend

Sales invoices

In Eemel, you can easily create invoices with just a few clicks. The invoice is created in the wysiwyg view, where the invoice is almost identical to the PDF version of the invoice. Our invoice template is elegant and clear.

Eemel is here to support your company’s internationalization

Often, companies start their operations in the familiarity of the environment of their own country, and later expand their market area to other countries. Our service grows according to your usage needs and is designed to meet the needs of an internationalizing company. The program’s user interface is offered in three languages: English, Spanish and Finnish. In addition to the languages mentioned above, invoices can be sent in Swedish and Estonian. In the future, we will add languages to cover the largest market areas.

250 countries

In addition to companies and consumers in your own country, you can invoice companies or consumers in any country.

Eemel covers the whole world, there are 250 countries where you can register your existing company or to which you can send invoices.

Over 160 currencies

Eemel supports all currencies in use, of which there are more than 160. In countries outside the Eurozone, you use your own country’s currency by default. You can send invoices per customer and invoice in any currency in addition to your own currency.

VAT invoices

At Eemel, special attention has been paid to VAT invoicing. Ready VAT support applies to all European countries and the largest non-European countries. For other countries, you can add VAT percentages yourself. If VAT does not apply to you or your customers, Eemel takes care of it, too!

Copying invoices

You can easily create one or more copies of the same invoice. This is a particularly useful feature if you are billing the same customer again with almost the same billing information,  or if you want to send the same invoice to several different recipients.

Invoice attachments

You can attach PDF files to the invoice, for example, a time recording report or photos.

Payment reminders

You can send payment reminders, thus ensuring that your customer promptly pays the bill. In the future, a feature will be released where a reminder can be sent as a text message to speed up the repatriation of receivables.

Customer communication

Social media has made people accustomed to easy chatting. At Eemel, we offer you a chat where your customer can send you a message and you can reply to it. This is a quick way to deal with billing issues.


Methods of sending invoices

You can send invoices by e-mail or print and post them yourself. Sending invoices as free internal invoices and other invoicing methods will be available later.

Marking invoices as paid

With one click, you can mark the invoice as paid and stay up-to-date on the payment status of the invoices.

Customer register

You don’t have to create a customer entry every time, but you have a customer register from which you can easily choose a customer to whom you have previously sent invoices.

Product register

You have a product register where you can add your own products, define a price, VAT percentage and a default amount for them. It is easy to add products from the product register to the counter lines.

Invoice Portal

Your customers use our Invoice Portal, where your customer can see all the invoices received from you. A link to the invoice folder is provided with every e-mail invoice. In the invoice folder, your customer can download all invoices at once or send them to their own or another recipient’s email. If you mark the invoices as paid, your customer will also see the up-to-date payment status in his invoice folder.


You can print or email the invoicing report to the accountant, for example, monthly.

Help database

You can use the help database at We will add further language versions of the instructions there in the future.


Our user interface is mobile optimized. Whether your device is a tiny cell phone or a gigantic desktop monitor, your user experience is optimal.

Upcoming features

  • We are adding new language versions of the user interface and invoice templates. We are improving localization support for currencies, times, numbers and time zones.
  • Payment reminders via text message
  • Bid calculation
  • Load calendar
  • Hourly records
  • Purchase invoices and the sending and receiving invoices as Eemel’s internal purchase invoices free of charge
  • Bank connections
  • Sales ledger
  • Epic Sign (strong signature of documents)
  • Much more

Eemel grows with you

You can easily select which modules to use and add services as your business grows. We are here to help you to handle your finances so you can concentrate bringing more value to your clients. 


Customer Experience 

Frequently asked questions

Can I bill in dollars?

Yes, in addition to the euro, Eemel supports over 160 official currencies in 250 countries.

Can I send invoices in other languages?

Yes, Eemel-invoicing has invoice templates for English, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish and Estonian.

Can I send E-invoices?

Electronic invoices are used in Eemel’s sister application Nettilasku and it will be available in Eemel later. You can already send invoices by e-mail.

3 steps to send your first invoice

  • 1. Register
  • 2. Add your company details
  • 3. Start sending invoices