Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

How do I start using

1. Register on our website: Go to the registration page and create a user account by filling in the required information. This process only takes a few minutes.

2. Start your free 14-day trial: After registration, you will receive a free 14-day trial. This gives you the opportunity to explore all the features of the service without any commitment.

3. Implementation: Once registered, you can start using immediately. It’s easy to set up and requires no separate installation. You can start creating invoices, managing your accounts and other financial management tasks immediately.

4. Explore the features: Go through the tools offered by the service, such as invoicing and product register. Take advantage of the guides and support materials available on the site to get the most out of

These steps will help you to start using smoothly and take advantage of its versatile features to improve your company’s financial management.

Are there foreign language invoice templates in the programme?

Yes, the invoicing software offers multilingual invoice templates that allow you to invoice in different languages to meet the needs of international customers. Currently, the service offers invoice templates in five different languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian and Spanish. This multilingualism makes the service an excellent option for companies trading in several countries or serving a multilingual clientele. Invoice templates allow you to create professional and targeted invoices that meet the billing requirements and practices of different countries, improving customer communication and streamlining payment processing.

Is there a barcode on the invoices?

Yes, email invoices use a virtual barcode, which is contained in the form of both a barcode and a series of numbers. This feature facilitates bill payments, as customers can use the barcode to make payments in their banking applications or at ATMs, reducing the risk of errors and speeding up the payment process.

The virtual barcode contains all the necessary information for the payment transaction, such as the invoice amount, account number and reference number. The format of the numerical sequence allows easy manual entry if scanning of the barcode is not possible. This increases the flexibility and efficiency of bill payment.

Can I use to send invoices abroad?

Yes, the service offers the possibility to send invoices abroad. The service supports the use of IBAN account numbers, which is a common standard in Europe and many other countries, enabling international payments. In addition, supports national account numbers in several countries, which extends its use on a country-by-country basis.

The service also includes support for VAT rates for all European countries, so you can easily adapt your invoices to the requirements of your destination country. You can also choose the language of the invoice, which improves communication with foreign customers and ensures that invoices are understood correctly.

It’s important to be careful when paying bills abroad, as banking and currency regulations in different countries can affect how payments are processed. We recommend that you always check current regulations and exchange rates before making payments to ensure a smooth and error-free payment process.

How is a reference number generated for an invoice?

With, the generation of a reference number for an invoice is automatic and a very simple process. When you create an invoice in the software, it calculates the RIN either based on the invoice number or on a series of numbers you enter. This helps ensure that payments are correctly allocated and facilitates payment tracking and accounting.

The automatic creation of the reference number reduces the possibility of errors that could occur when manually entering the reference number. The use of a reference number is particularly important when invoices are paid, as it allows the payment to be uniquely identified and correctly allocated in the company’s accounts. This streamlines financial management processes and reduces the time spent on processing payment transactions.

Can I issue an invoice with reverse VAT?

Yes, on you can use reverse VAT for invoicing. Reverse charge means that the obligation to pay the tax is transferred to the buyer of the service or good. This procedure is common in international trade and in certain domestic transactions where services or goods are sold to another company liable to VAT.

The use of reverse charge requires special entries on the invoice to indicate that the obligation to pay VAT has passed to the buyer. enables these details to be correctly entered and presented on invoices, ensuring that invoicing complies with current regulations and facilitating record-keeping both at the company and at the customer’s end.

If you need help with the introduction of reverse VAT or want to ensure that all the information is correct on the invoice, we recommend that you contact’s customer service or consult an accountant.

Can I import a customer register from another billing software into

Yes, it is possible to import a customer register from another billing software into the billing software. The service provides support for transferring the current customer and product register, which facilitates the transition to the billing software without having to manually re-enter the data. During this process,’s customer service team will be on hand to assist and guide you through the register import process, so you can get your business up and running quickly with your new billing software. We recommend contacting Customer Service who can provide more detailed guidance and support during the import process, to ensure that all data is transferred correctly and efficiently.

Can attachments be added to the invoice?

Yes, it is possible to add attachments to an invoice in the billing software. When creating and editing a sales invoice, users can attach PDF documents to the invoice. This feature is very useful, for example, to attach contract documents, statements of work or other documents that support the invoiced actions or transactions. Adding attachments to invoices improves documentation management and helps to ensure that all the necessary information is easily accessible to both the sender and the recipient.

Can I invoice in dollars?

Yes, supports US Dollars as billing currency. supports all available currencies, of which there are more than 160. For countries outside the Eurozone, you will use your own country’s currency by default. On a per-customer and per-invoice basis, you can send invoices in any currency supported by the program, in addition to your own.

Can I send e-invoices?

E-invoices are available on’s sister application and will be added to the invoicing programme at a later stage. You can already send invoices by email as pdf attachments.

Can I send VAT invoices with a VAT rate for Spain or another European country?

Yes, special attention has been paid to VAT invoicing at The ready VAT support applies to all European countries and the largest non-European countries. For other countries you can add your own VAT percentages. If VAT does not apply to you or your customers, will take care of that too!

Can I use on my mobile phone?

Our interface is mobile optimised. Whether your device is a tiny mobile phone or a giant desktop monitor, your experience will be optimal.

Where can I get more information about using the billing software?

You can access the help database at We will add more language versions of the instructions there later.

Does support international business?

Companies often start in a familiar environment in their own country and later expand their market to other countries. Our service will grow with your needs and is designed to meet the needs of an internationalising company. The interface is offered in three languages: in English, Spanish and Finnish. In addition to the above languages, you can send invoices in Swedish and Estonian. In the future, we will add more languages to cover the largest markets.

Can I edit the layout of the invoice?

Yes, allows you to customise the layout of your invoice in a number of ways. The service allows you to customise the logo, colours and border lines of your invoice, enabling your company to create invoices that reflect your company’s brand image and make them more visually appealing and professional.

Such adaptations can enhance the professional image of the company and contribute to brand recognition. You can add your company logo, choose shades to match your company’s colour theme and customise the style and thickness of the invoice’s border lines. As a result, your invoices will look consistent and represent your business effectively.

Customizable features allow you to adjust the look and feel of your invoices to fit in perfectly with other documents and communication materials in your company.

What features are coming to in the future?
  • We will add new language versions of the interface and calculation bases. We will improve localisation support for currencies, times, numbers and time zones.
  • Payment reminders by SMS
  • Quotation
  • Load calendar
  • Hours of work
  • Purchase invoices and sending and receiving invoices as internal invoices for free
  • Banking connections
  • Automated sales summary
  • Epic Sign (strong signature for documents)
  • Much more

For more information, you can ask by email