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EEMEL.COM is an affordable and easy-to-use billing platform is a reliable e-invoicing solution that can be implemented quickly and easily. Choose the version that suits you best and remember – it’s easy to upgrade at any time.


For occasional billing



  • 1 user *

    Exceeding €9/user/month
  • Sending 1 sales invoice/month *

    Exceeding €2/invoice
  • 2 sending methods (e-mail, self-printing and mailing)

  • Help database


For established business operations



  • 2 users *

    Exceeding €9/user/month
  • Sending 100 sales invoice/month *

    Exceeding €1/invoice
  • 2 sending methods (e-mail, self-printing and mailing)

  • Bulk sending of invoices

  • Invoice attachments

  • Product register

  • Help database

Overview offers a flexible invoicing service that supports your business growth and streamlines your financial management. Our services are scalable to your business needs, and you can choose the right package for your use. Whether you are just starting your business or need a more advanced invoicing solution, has a service to suit your needs.

Details of product packages

The Free package is perfect for small-scale billing and testing the service. This package provides the basic functionality to send 12 sales invoices per year at no cost. Excess invoices cost €2/each. The Free package is a great way to get to know’s services without any financial commitment. In addition, adding users costs only €9/month per user, making this package a flexible and cost-effective solution for small businesses and freelancers.

The Pro package is designed for professionals who need efficient invoicing. This package includes 100 sales invoices per month, with excess invoices costing just €1/each. The Pro package offers a wide range of features, including bulk invoice dispatch, invoice attachments and a product register.

Features - all packages include

Help library: Provides comprehensive instructions and tips on how to use the service so you can make the most of all its features.
Email billing: A fast and ecological way to send invoices directly to your customers’ email.
Manual sales ledger: Monitor your payment status and send payment reminders if necessary to ensure you receive your payments on time.

How to get started

Sign up and try the service for free for 14 days with no obligation. During your trial, you’ll have access to all the features. This gives you the opportunity to test the service and see how it can improve your company’s financial management. After the trial period, you can choose the right package to suit your business needs and continue using the service seamlessly.

User experiences

Our customers appreciate’s ease of use and versatile features. “ has made our invoicing much easier and saved us time,” says one satisfied customer. According to another customer, “ has been an invaluable help in our financial management.” Many customers have found that improves cash flow management and reduces administrative work, allowing more time to focus on growing the business.


General questions

What happens if you exceed the count limit?

Invoices can still be sent, but overdue invoices will be subject to a surcharge according to the package. This ensures that you can continue to bill without interruption, even if your business grows faster than expected.

Can I change my package later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time to suit your business needs. offers flexible options that allow you to change your service as your business grows or changes.

How quickly can I start using the service?

Once registered, you can start using the service immediately. The process is designed to be fast and user-friendly, so you can start billing right away.

Are there hidden costs?

No, all costs are clearly set out in our price list. Any additional services, such as SMS reminders, are priced separately and are clearly shown on the invoice. This way you can be sure that you get exactly what you pay for, with no surprises.