Sales invoices

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Sales invoices

In’s sales ledger, you can see your unbilled, sent, unpaid and paid invoices at a glance.

Sales invoices are created and edited in a so-called wysiwyg view, where the invoice layout is similar to the layout of a letter invoice, with everything you need in a logical and familiar order. Before sending the invoice, you will see a pdf version of the invoice (either as a single page or all pages, including attachments, displayed at once).

You can add pdf attachments to sales invoices, making it easy to include, for example, an hourly billing report or an order agreement.

Invoices can also be sent abroad and, for example, when sending to the USA, the addresses follow the US policy. You can choose the language of the invoice. The current options are Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish and Estonian. You can choose any of the world’s currencies as the currency for the invoice.

For EU customers who are VAT-registered in a country, you can send invoices as an EU service or EU goods, in which case the VAT rate is 0. Reverse VAT is also supported.

The VAT rates of all euro area countries are supported. In addition, the VAT rates of the major non-euro area countries are also available.

Recipients of e-invoices can see their invoices and their payment status in their invoice wallet. In the invoice wallet, the sender and the recipient of the invoice can exchange messages via an easy chat function.


Questions about sales invoices

Can invoices be marked as paid?

With just one click, you can mark an invoice as paid and stay up to date on the payment status of your invoices.

Can I add a product from the product register to an invoice?

You have a product register where you can add your own products, set their price, VAT percentage and default quantity. The products in the product register are easy to add to the invoice lines.

Is there a customer register in place?

You don’t need to create a new customer every time, you have a customer register where you can easily select the customer to whom you have previously sent invoices.

What are the ways to send an invoice?

You can send invoices by email or print and post them yourself. Later on, you will be able to send invoices as free internal invoices and e-invoices.

Can I send payment reminders?

You can send payment reminders, and thus ensure that your customer pays their bill quickly. A feature is coming later where a reminder can be sent as an SMS to speed up the collection of outstanding debts.

Can the invoice be copied?

Yes, with invoicing software you can easily create one or more copies of the same invoice. This is a particularly useful feature if you are re-invoicing the same customer with almost identical invoice data.

What is the Invoice Portal?

Your customers have access to the Invoice Portal where they can see all the invoices you send them. A link to the Invoice Portal is provided with each email invoice. In the Invoice portal, your customer can download all invoices at once or send them to their own or another recipient’s email. If you mark the invoices as paid, your customer will also see the current payment status in their Invoice portal.

Can attachments be added to the invoice?

When creating and editing a sales invoice, you can add pdf attachments such as e.g. an hours report or photographs.

What reports are available?

You can print or email an invoice report to your accountant, e.g. on a monthly basis.

Can I send a message to the sender of an invoice on

Social media has gotten people used to easy chatting. At Eemel, we offer you a chat where your customers can send you a message and you can reply to it. This is a quick way to deal with any issues with your invoices.

What currencies are in use? supports almost all major currencies, of which there are more than 160. For countries outside the euro area, you will use your own currency by default. On a per-customer and per-invoice basis, you can send invoices in any currency other than your own.

To which countries can I send invoices?

In addition to businesses and consumers in your own country, you can bill businesses or consumers in any country. covers the whole world, including 250 countries where you can register your business or send invoices.