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Software company Epic Invoicing Oy

Epic Invoicing Oy is a young and fast-growing Finnish software company that produces an easy-to-use accounting, invoicing and financial management software, Nettilasku.fi service.

The Eemel.com service is aimed at small businesses. The service is easy to set up directly online 24/7. Invoicing requires no training and our products fit every small business owner’s budget.

Epic Invoicing Oy is constantly developing the product to be more versatile and at the same time easier to use, listening to the users. Our team consists of professionals in financial management, marketing and software development.

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The story of Nettilasku.fi - how a software company was born

A young boy’s passion turned into a tool for entrepreneurs – Have you heard of Nettilasku.fi?

Jarkko Kähkönen’s passion for programming and IT gave birth to Nettilasku.fi, a service that helps entrepreneurs with invoicing and financial management. Jarkko started coding at the age of 12 and started his own business at 14. In 2010, Nettilasku.fi was born when no suitable invoicing software could be found on the market.

The Nettilasku.fi service is developed by Epic Invoicing Oy, a Finnish company in which Jarkko is the main shareholder. The company employs nine professionals in the fields of financial management, marketing and software development. The service is designed specifically for small businesses and has grown through referrals.

Nettilasku.fi adapts to your needs and supports your business growth at different stages. Ease of use and efficiency are at the heart of the service. It provides real-time information on the company’s situation, helping entrepreneurs to make better decisions.

– We aim to help entrepreneurs grow and avoid pitfalls. In the future, we want to extend our support to entrepreneurs both in Finland and abroad.

From Nettilasku.fi to Eemel.com

Eemel.com was created to serve businesses abroad on the same platform as Nettilasku.fi. Designed for sending sales invoices and supporting three languages (English, Spanish, Finnish), Eemel.com serves as a platform for developing an international expansion strategy, offering companies an easy way to manage international invoicing in over 250 countries and 160 currencies.